The First Smart Router With Blockchain Technology
A blockchain is a cryptographically-secured database. It works as a shared ledger spread across multiple nodes in the network ;
it can only be altered with an open protocol. This means it is open for public validation by everyone, but there exist strict rules for modifying the data.
Blockchain-Based Sharing Economy
Newifi provides users with the power to share the internet bandwidth. It utilizes the entire network for accelerate content delivery while incorporating the decentralized,
trusted, and unalterable blockchain technology. Newifi distributes digital records to all devices based on their respective workload.
Fair Distribution
Newifi distributes unused internet bandwidth resources across society to resolve conflicts between deployment and maintenance costs.
Rewards are calculated based on individual contribution of resource and content, leading to equitable payouts.

Make Use of Your Unused Internet Bandwidth

Supports Network Data and
Storage Sharing

Provides Internet Acceleration
and Cloud Computing

Guarantees Reliability of Data